Your own Car on your personal Holiday Greeting Cards

This set of two different Vintage looking Custom Car Cards have been designed especially for you, the Traditional Custom Car enthusiast. You can have your own car and name, your family name, or Car Club name added to these Vintage Custom Car Holiday Greeting Cards. (the sample cards are based on Rob Radcliffe’s wonderful shoebox photo taken by Trent Sherrill)

I will personally create these 2 individual digital Vintage Custom Car Holiday Greeting Cards (based on one photo of your car) for you and send the finished, digital files to you by email.

For $25.75 you will receive 2 separate digital cards, which you can email as many times as you want to your friends and family. Plus two separate pdf files with a sheet of 4 of each different car on one sheet, ready for you to print, and cut.

When printing it is advised to use the heaviest paper your printer can handle, and preferably a matt paper so that the vintage look will be enhanced. Cut them out and send them by regular mail as any regular post card. No matter how you will send these personalized Custom Car Holiday Greeting Cards, they will put a huge smile on peoples faces.

Happy Holidays.

How does it work.

This is how it works. (see image below)

With the SEND PHOTO(S) button on the right you will send an email to me, attach one or more photos of your car that you would like to use for these cards (A). (Only one photo will be used, and this photo will be used on both cards.)

(B) Then use the order button to actually order the Personal Car Holiday Cards. Next I will choose the best photo you have send, and set the car free from the background.

(C) Then I will modify the looks of your car to fit better with the drawing style of the Holiday Cards.

(D) Next I will incorporate them in the two card designs and ad the name(s) you provided as well. (If you want the Greetings card with the colorful house text to be in a Merry Christmas version, let me know, I can change this for you)

(E) Last step is I will create two sheets with both four cards and cut marks to make it easy for you to print and cut the cards. These sheets will be Us-letter or A4 size. Next I will email you the digital e-cards as jpg and the sheets as pdf files to your email address.

Instructions for the photo(s) from your car.

This set of two card is based on two vintage Holiday Greeting cards. The photo that you supply needs to work with the illustration on these sample cars show on this page. The design of these cars is picked so that different angle photos of your car will work, but its best to match the angle of the photo with the samples shown below.

The photos you send need to be a minimal of 1000 pixels wide, the larger the better. If you have any doubts about the photos you want to send, just contact me.

To Personalize your cards, please add any name(s) on the “Special Instructions” option in the “Checkout” form before you make the payment for the Cards.

(Please allow a max of 3 days for the email delivery of the digital cards.)

Buy Personal Car Holiday Card Set $25.75

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