Your Car parked at the Barris Kustom Shop in the '50's
8 x 10 inch photo of your car at the Barris Shop

This generic Barris Kustom Shop Photo has been designed especially for you, the Traditional Custom Car enthusiast. You can now have a photo of your own car parked in front of the Famous Barris Kustom Shop on Atlantic Blvd in Lynwood, California. (The background photo of the Barris shop used for this, is a generic photo built up from several photos of the shop taken from the early 1950’s to the late 1950’s. The Famous Barris Custom Cars parked in front of the shop come from photos taken at different locations and are digitally combined with background photo.)

I will personally create this Digital Personal Barris Kustom Shop Photo (based on one photo of your car) for you and send the finished, Digital File to you by email.

What does it cost?
Your car in front of the famous Barris Kustom Shop as a digital file for an 8×10 inch photo costs $39.50

This is what you will get

You will receive a high resolution 8″ x 10″ Digital Image. This image can be used to print out on your own photo printer or you can outsource it to your favorite online or local photo print shop. The end result will be an 8 x 10 inch photo you can frame and hang on the wall. You can of course also use the digital image for whatever you want to use it. business cards, your Facebook page, website, etc.

We advise to print the image on high quality glossy photo paper for the most authentic look and feel and the sharpest image reproduction. The text on the photo reads “Just another day at the Barris Kustom Shop”, but could be customized if you would like that, just let me know.


How does it work.
This is how it works. (see image below)

(1) With the SEND PHOTO(S) button on the right you will send an email to me, attach one or more photos of your car that you would like to use for this Barris Kustom Shop photo. (Only one photo, the best suitable of your car, will be used)

(2) Use the BUY button on the right, to actually order the Personal Car at the Barris Kustom Shop photo (Safe Payment will be done using Paypal). Next I will choose the best photo you have send, and set the car free from the background.

(3) I will modify the looks of your digital photo to make it fit better with the 1950’s analog photos used for the background image.

(4) Next I will incorporate the photo of your car in the Barris Kustom Shop background photo.

(5) Last step is I will create an high res jpg file ready to be printed on a photo printer. Next I will send this Digital file to your email address.

(6) You can use this Digital file to print on your own photo printer, or send it to your favorite online or local Digital Photo Printer shop. Of course you could use different sizes to print for your files as well. (Please keep in mind that if you will print them larger than the size I provide, the quality will get a bit lower.) Here are just a few of the shops you could use (USA based);  ShutterflySnapfishCostcoMpix.

Instructions for the photo(s) from your car.

As the samples above show, there are a few ways I can add a photo of your car to the Barris Kustom Shop photo. Parked along the curb on the opposite side of the road, coming out of the drive way, or driving by. If you do not have a preference, I will pick the best photo and use it in the way I feel is best for the end-result.

It is best is to “recreate” the image of the Barris shop by parking your car on the street, or in the drive way, and step back from the car as if it is parked on the other side of the street. Also remember that everything that reflex in your car will remain in the photo once it is added to the Barris Shop photo. Photos taken to close up at the car will not work.

If you send me the photo please keep in mind that the better your photo of your car is, the better the end result will be.

  • The photo resolution / size for the 8×10 inch photo, the width of the car in your photo needs to be 1300 pixels wide or more. (the larger your original photo, the better the end result)
  • (if you have doubts about the quality of your photo, contact me first)
(Please allow a max of 5 days for the email delivery of the digital cards.)
BUY – Barris Shop Digital Photo $39.50
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